Our Guarantee to You...


East Volunteer Termite & Pest Control LLC is so confident in our treatment programs that we offer a 100% money-back guarantee. We are proud of our guarantee and don’t try to hide it in small print, or just tell you we have a guarantee! Our guarantee is clearly printed on our contracts “30 Day Risk Free Money-Back Guarantee!” We guarantee that we will eliminate your current pest problem within 30 days from the first treatment. If we do not, we will provide additional treatments FREE OF CHARGE until you are satisfied-or- we will gladly cancel this agreement, refund 100% of your money.

How do we offer this agreement, when others don’t or won’t?

  1. I have been in the Pest Control industry my entire life and have developed pest elimination programs that truly work.

  2. We are very thorough with our treatments and spend the time to do the job correct the first time. Our most popular pest program is our quarterly program. We come out every 3 months and spend 1 hour to 1 ½ hours treating and pest proofing your home. The only way to eliminate a pest is to eliminate adult insects and more importantly their eggs. “You are not required to be home this entire time”. We can start on the inside and then move to the outside allowing you to return to your busy schedule.

  3. With East Volunteer, you will not see a different technician every treatment. We guarantee that a technician will be assigned to your account and that is the only technician you will see.

  4. We take care of your home like it is our home – we wear shoe covers whenever in your home. We never over-spray trying to get rid of your pest problems. We have a highly-trained staff that knows what area needs to be treated. We knock down spider webs and wasp nest each treatment (exterior only). Also, we guarantee that we will eliminate ants and ant hills.

  5. We listen to your concerns and make you part of the pest elimination process. We will tell you each time what issues we found and what steps were taken to eliminate these issues.  

With our money back guarantee, you really have nothing to lose in trying East Volunteer Termite & Pest Control. Well, you lose one thing- Pests in your home!!!! That’s a guarantee!! When you know, you deserve the best, call East Volunteer Pest!

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